Ground School Enrollment

This schedule only applies to the Daytona Beach (DAB) Campus.

Please use this page for all the details related to the groundschools, as well as the enrollment form for the same.

Schedule for the next round of groundschools:

Groundschools will run on weekdays (Mon-Fri) for 6 weeks.

GroundschoolTimeLocationBegins On
Instrument Rating GS0800 – 1030Daytona CampusNov 1, 2021
Flight Instructor GS1400 – 1630Daytona CampusNov 1, 2021
Commercial Pilot GS1700 – 1930Daytona CampusNov 1, 2021
Private Pilot GS1030 – 1300Daytona CampusOct 18, 2021
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